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SocialMood Labs is a consulting firm specialized in experience sampling and big data capture in mental health, social and psychological sciences. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and advanced statistical tools, we collect and analyze contextualized, rich, and real-time data on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

Why Contextualized?

The vast majority of health, social and psychological sciences are currently only measuring the differences between individuals at a given time. This allows one to conclude that a group of people is more satisfied or that a group of patients is in better health than another. These simple conclusions are, however, often biased since our feelings and experiences substantially vary due to factors such as the time of the day or our surroundings. Understanding the context is thus critical to drawing robust conclusions. One individual might be happier in general than another, except when he is at work. A group of people might have more social interactions than another, except on Saturday evenings. SocialMood Labs' state-of-the-art technology and research focuses on capturing these contextual data.

Why Rich?

Research shows that people are unreliable at reporting their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is therefore crucial to collect objective data alongside self-reported and subjective information. SocialMood Labs' technology captures objective data such as speech emotions, reaction times, or users' daily movements. Such a wide-range dataset is needed to develop a truly holistic view of individuals.

Why Real-Time?

Beyond individuals' own biases, human memory in itself strongly limits the validity of surveys, questionnaires, and interviews. It is difficult for us humans to remember precisely what we were doing, feeling, or thinking last Monday at 2pm. However, you can certainly report what you are doing, feeling, or thinking right now. Using mobile platforms, SocialMood Labs' experience sampling technology reliably captures people's thoughts, feelings or behaviors right as they are happening. This information is also captured in its natural setting, offering a unique opportunity to understand people's experiences and feelings, and to uncover unexpected behaviors.

    Mental Health

  • Participative and Personalized Medicine
  • Real-Time Mental Health Monitoring
  • Treatment Monitoring
  • Optimization of Clinical Trials


  • Complex Experimental Designs
  • Rich data collection
  • Implicit Measures
  • Machine learning


  • Happiness Mapping
  • Personalized Interventions
  • Social Interaction Analysis
  • Process Optimization

Team Who Are We?

An interdisciplinary team.

Maxime TaquetResearcher at Harvard Medical School. Big data analysis, mood monitoring, app development, and neuroimaging with a focus on mental health.
Jordi QuoidbachPost-doctoral researcher at Harvard. Ph.D. in Psychology
Martin Desseilles, MDProfessor at the University of Namur Medical School.
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (Advisor)Big Data and Applied Mathematics Researcher at the MIT Media Lab.

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